Insights on Role of Emerging Technologies in Security Services

During a recent Conference on “Technologies that make Security Services, Smarter, Intelligent and more Versatile” held by IFSEC, Ila was invited as one of the panelists to share her views on the subject. She was a part on an eminent set of panelists each sharing versatile insights into the topic. Ila spoke about the […]

How Solutions and Business are adapting to New Normal

Speaking at one of the global platforms Ila Longani shared her insights into how organizations can scale up their Resilience towards Enterprise Risk Management, she also shared the new techniques and virtual platforms successfully being used for solving problems within limitations created due to pandemic. The fellow panellists included Global leaders and Position holders in […]

Entrepreneurship the rinsing star conference by Business World.

Business World invited Ila Longani as a moderator for an integral session on Entrepreneurship. She address the growth of Sunshine Industries and role of women in the world of entrepreneurship irrespective of possible constrains, categories and options. The session was graced by few other women entrepreneurs, expert and working wonders in their own fields, each […]

Sharing views during Outstanding Security Professionals Awards Event

Business World one of the leading business digital magazines had invited Ila Longani as a panellist to address ‘Challenges Faced by Women in Security and How to Overcome Them’. majorly covering Gender Diversity, Women Inequality, Recommendations to Improve the Existing Disparity. Ila being a well experienced risk mitigation advisor suggested, statistics on existing share of […]

An unintentional leak of sensitive information by employee

An e-mail, in good faith for help shared with an employee’s spouse, got them in trouble. Confidential information containing personal data, like their exact names, employee Id’s, addresses etc. for over 36,000 employees was on loose when an employee unknowingly shared a file consisting important information with his better half just for a little help. […]

Third-Party Breach: Why reviewing third party is critical

Meditab a California-based company is an electronic medical records software maker for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies etc., it also processes electronic faxes for healthcare providers but due to lack of proper security, thousands of doctor’s notes, medical records, and prescriptions were being leaked on daily basis. The third-party vendor of Meditab, MedPharm Services, exposed […]

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