Insights on Role of Emerging Technologies in Security Services

During a recent Conference on “Technologies that make Security Services, Smarter, Intelligent and more Versatile” held by IFSEC, Ila was invited as one of the panelists to share her views on the subject. She was a part on an eminent set of panelists each sharing versatile insights into the topic.

Ila spoke about the problem solving aspect of security operations via technology, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, IoT, Robotics etc. and how it is helping cut noise, automate investigations, recommend remedial actions, relaying actionable intel thereby solving issues like alert fatigue, breaking data silos, eliminate human error within SOCs and facilitating increased time for analysts. Shared use cases from Cybersecurity and other areas where technological intervention is answering challenges like Fraud Detection, Malware, Insider Threat, Surveillance, eventually enhancing Efficiencies and Sustainability for the businesses.


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