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Effective Assessment, Planning and Response Strategy to mitigate your risks

Business is endangered by physical, operational, and technology threats, hence it dearly guards its people, assets, operations, and reputation.
Business is dependent both on external and internal factors like operations, geography, culture, mission, values, policies, and adaptability of the company, hence it becomes even more important for the solutions to be flexible, dynamic and bespoke that can be successful within your company framework.
We work with your teams to understand your business, culture, and risk profile in a comprehensive manner to provide a unique solution specific to your needs.

At Sage Presage we bring agility and intellect to play delivering holistic 360-degree view on risk management, helping your organization forecast, assess, plan, protect, respond to and recover from risks. Our solutions are based on time-tested methodologies, detail-oriented, and pragmatic which are aligned and tailored to specific challenges. 

We ensure a full spectrum of risk management as the need arises. We bring together the right personnel, training, and technology along with business specific know-how and local facility level understanding. We are committed to a world-class customer service to deliver you the RoI.

Our Security Risk management solutions are versatile ranging across Security Consulting, Resilience Consulting, Business Continuity Management, Supply Chain Security Management, Travel Safety, Event Security, Protective Services and Security Trainings.

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Executives Agree Physical threat activity at company has dramatically increased compared to start of 2020.

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