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Businesses are getting complex and unpredictable, internal and external threat actors are becoming mature. Growing issues around misconduct, fraud, bribery and kickbacks are posing financial, operational and reputational threats to businesses in multiple forms. These setbacks are costing businesses in terms of dollar value and further exposing them to legal risks & goodwill loss.

Sage Presage addresses this issue with dedication, certitude, and agility, by using a mix of sophisticated technology, digital forensics, and deploying proven investigative techniques to get results for our clients. We deploy the right resources with deep understanding of local know-how to cull out inside information. It is critical to work on and find inferences on raw data and convert it into meaningful information & actionable Intelligence that helps you make more informed choices moving forward. During our investigations, we endeavour to identify the modus operandi, nexus, assess the extent of losses and plug in the breaches to ensure such issues can be prevented in future.

When businesses are seeking growth and market expansion opportunities, we support with Competitive Analysis & Intelligence, and Market Entry Assessment, gathering and assessing hidden information and provide you tools and resources to bring you at a competitive advantage.

We ensure to maintain discreetness and confidentiality to always protect the client interests.
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