150 crores scam: Regular background monitoring is the key

Anil Chillar, one of the directors from the company  V Inspirer Facility Management Pvt Ltd. began investigating a fraud case after receiving a notice from the North Western Railway stating that the PF contribution amounts, in the wage sheet didn’t match the employees EPF account statement. Later with help of police, they were startled to realize that Deepika Dhull the HR head of the company, was involved in the manipulation of employees provident funds and salary accounts of non-existing employees.

Her Husband Vikas Dhull and brother-in-law Arun directors of the company had already been arrested under a fraud case. The police are now helping dig all the people involved in the case.

Such employee fraud cases highlight the need for thorough background screening and constant monitoring of employees for regular reviews of involvement in any criminal activity and other relevant aspects including conflict of interests. Apart from employee screening standpoint, companies should invest in regular audits and reviews to ensure  compliances and identify such anomalies. (Source: Times of India)



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