Sharing views during Outstanding Security Professionals Awards Event

Business World one of the leading business digital magazines had invited Ila Longani as a panellist to address ‘Challenges Faced by Women in Security and How to Overcome Them’. majorly covering Gender Diversity, Women Inequality, Recommendations to Improve the Existing Disparity.

Ila being a well experienced risk mitigation advisor suggested, statistics on existing share of women in Security, namely 20% women represent women security, Men are 4 times more likely to hold executive roles than women and 9 times more likely to have managerial roles.

She also recommends similar hiring, training and promotions opportunities for women, change in approaches and culture of organisation. She further strongly suggests that the privileged people from industry should break the chain of recommendations and give chances to more new comers, changes can also be made by having few inspirational and influential people whom one can look up to. Introducing workshops and programmes for young females to address new carrier options and women security training, flexible and important tools to make changes for existing women in the industry.

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