E- Commerce

E - Commerce

Electronic commerce stands for exchange of goods and services over the internet, operating majorly in business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, consumer to business.

Looking at how vast e-commerce is, we understand how it is vulnerable towards risks, having a jam packed business place and huge TG, makes risk mitigation in time, important. Sage Presage addresses these issues affecting growing online markets, helping you with services like Cyber Risk Solutions, Vendor Screening, Third party Screening, Supply chain Services, Loss Prevention, Integrity Checks, Market Assessment, Business Intelligence etc.

E-commerce involves various people at numerous profiles and every individual works closely with the business, from the employees, vendors to the delivery partners. Any leakage of information or fraud can put the company finances and reputation to risk, we help you make vigilant decisions and provide top- notch services to reduce risk factors.

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