Banking And Finance Services

Banking and Finance Services

Banking and Finance industry manages mostly valuable and monetary assets one acquires, apart from assisting businesses and individuals to financially soar through tough times.

BFSI co-exists with the community, therefore it is exposed to frauds and risks. With increase in demand of Banking and Financial Services, the need of effective informed risk consulting is extremely relevant. Sage Presage facilitate taking proactive risk mitigation decisions and helps in staying ahead of the competitors. We help clients with Enterprise Risk Management, promoting Risk Culture, IT/Cyber Risks, Fraud Risk Management, Asset Tracing, Compliance Management, Crisis Response and many other facets.

People are an integral part of BFSI, and have access to important records and information, thereby having trusted people on board is a must to help mitigate risks. We serve you with right Background verification solutions of employees/lenders/third-parties including Database check, KYC, Identity check, Credential check, Business affiliations, Conflict of interest, Bankruptcy check etc.

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